Teaching Private Acting Classes and group Scene classes in LA. I am calling it ~The Tatum Technique~

Dear Actor`s,

Welcome to my official blog, where i will talk about my life, and favorite shows, Documentaries and, general stuff.

But mostly my Love  of Acting. To me the opportunity to impart, what i have learned over the  last 30 year`s - To actor`s of all ages, is an amazing opportunity, and something I have dreamt about doing, my whole  life. I  filled in for the great teacher in NY Susan Batson for year`s. And i myself,  taught  many acting classes at the NEW SCHOOL. NY. I myself have  studied with the great Sandra Seacatt, Susan Batson, Ivanna Chubbick, Anthony Meindl, to name a few.  There is no better way, to get out of your own head,  and kick ass  as an actor then truly learning your craft!! The art of being  authentic ,and  a truly realized  character, is every actor`s dream, and my goal for you!

You are free to leave comment`s here.  However i will only be looking at this occasionally.   For  the official enquiries- Please GO TO MY ENQUIRY BUTTON on  this website.  The class`s will be privates,  Scene Classes, and Skype,  and again should only  through The Inquiry Button!!

I am located in Los Angele`s !

Yay! Look forward to getting this started.

Be Well, and have a great Saturday.

Tatum O`Neal



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